Prior Circumstances: Since 1997, Ada Bible Church has partnered with Jeffrey Parker Architects to design and build three church campuses:

  1. Cascade Campus: 104,100 sq. ft., two stories, four auditoriums (1000-, 350-, 180- and 180-seats)
  2. Knapp Street Campus: 58,750 sq. ft., 835-seat auditorium
  3. Kentwood Campus: 52,100 sq. ft., 630-seat auditorium

Continued growth of Ada Bible Church inspired them to develop a fourth warm and welcoming campus where people could continue to discover God and his community.

Solution: After an extensive search for property centrally located between its three campuses, Ada Bible purchased 25 acres for its new worship space. The new East Paris Campus features:

  • 100,900 sq. ft., two-story facility
  • 1,000-seat auditorium with tiered floor
  • Expansive church commons with multiple visitor kiosks
  • Café and intimate lounge seating nooks
  • Discovery Village kid’s (birth to grade 5) ministry center with large and small group areas
  • LifeLine student’s (grades 6 – 12) ministry center
  • Centralized church staff offices

A master plan was developed for the ease of further expansion, including a 600-seat addition to the current auditorium plus enlarging the kid’s and student’s ministry centers.