Eenhoorn LLC

Prior Circumstances

Eenhoorn LLC is a privately-owned real estate investment and management company. It outgrew its previous national headquarters, which provided office space for itself and the Netherlands Consulate of Western Michigan. This building was also leased – and they preferred to own.


Relocate into the first floor of a mixed-use high-rise building in downtown Grand Rapids. And since Eenhoorn LLC owns this building, they also became an owner-occupant. The 8,500 sq.ft unfinished space was renovated to accommodate their growing staff and the consulate offices, as well as to reflect their national and European presence. A new glass and steel spiral staircase provides access to the city’s skywalk system, which is located directly above.

Services Provided
  • Architecture and Engineering

  • Audit and Document Existing Building
  • Construction Administration
  • Cost Estimating
  • Interior Design

  • Permitting

  • Process Management

  • Space Planning and Design